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My Best Undercover Work

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This video impresses even me. I slipped in the front door with just the right secret catch phrase. The large blue and red guys seemed to be a focul point. I hope I set them on the path of Mushroom Men awareness. Their suits confused me.

I still have not figured out how we stop this “video game” from being created and distributed to the mass public. There seem to be so many people involved in the process of creating and distributing this digital propaganda to the masses. I send electronic mails, but they do not write me back.

I am starting to believe that there may be some kind of connection between the rise of the fungi and the fall of the stock market. In the news they are saying that there is a cloud of mushrooms hanging over the stock market. This is so much more serious than I thought.

In the comments here on my blog, I am getting reports of other sightings. I have, however, seen no evidence. Please, you must get proof! No one will believe you unless you can get photographic or video evidence of your findings. Jules and I can help if you need assistance. We are in this together. We can win!


Written by davidtater

October 2, 2008 at 6:14 pm

On The Inside

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I feel like I am finally getting inside – much how I felt in this video. I have been tracking down stories on the hypertext Interwebs about this “Mushroom Men Game”. I have been getting involved in the disucssions and warning people. Hopefully they will listen, come to this site, and be saved.

My mother used to say that we all have a mission in life, just like the Lord Jesus Christ does. I am not so sure I carry my mother’s faith, but I hear her words when I am doing this work. I finally understand how Jesus must have felt – to know something so profound and yet have other scoff at you. It would be painful if it were not for the the fact that I know what I must do and I know I am doing the right thing.

On a reader recomendation, I have decided that fire would be an excellent weapon when I return to the back acres of my property in search of my robot. I also plan to take some kind of club or stick. How do I defend myself from their mental powers? How do I keep myself sane? Is there some kind of armor I can wear?

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September 25, 2008 at 7:18 pm

Working The Line

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I thought I was fully recovered, but New York took a little more out of me than I expected. Actually, maybe it is the loss of my robot. I have searched all over my work shop and in the trailer. I looked out in the barn. Nothing. Maybe they took her. What would they want with a half finished robot?

Jules pestered me back to reality. I am focused again. Jules, you mean the world to me.

So this video here, this was the line outside. Strange, is it not? People standing in the rain waiting to get in? I just hope I was not too late.

If they took her… sorry, thinking about my robot again but… If they took her, maybe I should… Actually, I am a little scared to look for her. Imagine how adanced their technology may have become. If I go back out on the property, I may want to arm myself this time.

My head is still a little foggy, I am going to take another nap. Wait, it is late. It is dark out. I guess I should just go to bed. It is so hard to keep track any more. Maybe it is them, maybe they are making me sleep.

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September 19, 2008 at 9:43 pm

Back From New York City

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I am back from New York City. Manhatten is unlike any other place in the world. Like any other city, you are surrounded with bricks and concrete. But, I have never been in a city so crowded. Walking down the streets, I saw all kinds of faces that I am not used to. There were people from all around the world, buzzing around me like bees.

I am, once again, very tired. However, I am feeling better than I did when I returned from PAX. I was able to spread the word to more people, many of whom were very receptive.

The above photographs are proof that I was at Times Square warning the world of what is coming. With Jules’ help, I will post the last of our photographs and some more video as well. Before that, I need to rest. It has also been a long time since I studied my property. I feel the need to go exploring again. I have been gone so long, what have they been doing while I am away?

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September 15, 2008 at 3:12 pm

I Must Venture Among The Non Believers

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I have only just now fully recovered from my quest at PAX and another quest lies before me. I must attend the “Nintendo World Party” in New York City. Randy pointed me there and it seems like the same gathering of non believers. I know that I must go and spread the word. Jules and I will be on our way soon.

I have just discovered the world wide web server for Red Fly. What I read there frightened me. I have no time to confront them on this front. I must make my way to New York. Oh, but mark my word, I will deal with them when I return. I can only hope I will find Dead Fly there at the World Party. World? Why is it called that? Take over the world part???

No time, no time. Spread the word, tell everyone! You know, now you must act. If we do not stop this, who will? Do you understand? Do you?

Written by davidtater

September 11, 2008 at 11:28 pm