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Researcher David ‘Tater’ Totco

I found more of “Them”

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Jules suggested that I post my pictures. I wanted to keep these private as they reveal so much that I want to investigate. Jules is saying that some of the people here may have some ideas or thoughts on my findings. I am at a loss for words. Any theory I begin, only unravels into the unknown. I have never encountered anything of this magnitude.

They picked me, my land. Things are happening fast. I will try to keep documenting each account for research. Soon, I will attempt communication. Maybe music? I saw an episode of Paranormal State, with the kids from the Paranormal Research Society last night. They have a investigation crew that does a good job of being objective. They used electronics (some energy beings need the energy from an electronic device to energize to communicate. Very interesting), fire, offerings, music and other tools to contact different types of occurrences. I may need to contact them soon to conduct an investigation.

This is really something. I am, I know I am uncovering something unbelievable. Some think I am crazy, but no. If I were crazy I would keep this all to myself and dwell on it. I am excited and very serious here. Jules, I can not thank you enough for your support. Your love means the world to me. You coming home to help me on this project, and doing the filming, know that I do not take you for granted. Thank you.

One more note, I am listening now when I’m walking around the sites. There is a distinct sound that is not native. Communication, that is very important. “They” even know this. “They” communicate, and are possibly communicating with me now. Focus, I need to focus. Listen to them, document them and find out their purpose. We all have purpose. Signing off, the dogs are barking like crazy. Are “They” here?


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August 26, 2008 at 11:34 pm

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